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Information Disclosure

Anti-corruption measures

BCP LLC takes responsibility of compliance with the law and the rights of citizens. We demand the same from our employees. If you are aware of the facts or have reasonable suspicions concerning:

  • embezzlement, fraud, violations in procurement activities, other illegal actions that inflict damage on the Company;
  • violations of the rights of citizens, including the right to personal dignity and respect, in the performance of official duties by employees of the Company;
  • facts of corruption.

contact the Hotline of LLC «BCP»:



The information received by the Hotline is processed by the internal audit service of BCP LLC, independent of management. We guarantee the confidentiality of the transmitted information and their impartial verification. Anonymous requests are being considered. Complaints about violations of rights are transmitted by the internal audit service to the Ethics Commission of BCP LLC.

Working conditions



BCP is a participant of the national project «Labor Productivity» https://производительность.рф/

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